Phil Nesmith (My Plate Image Site)

Phil Nesmith (Facebook Page)

John Coffer (Wet-Plate Master)

Scully & Osterman (Wet-Plate Master)

Robb Kendrick (Wet-Plate Artist and NatGeo Photographer)

Jayne Hinds Bidaut (Dry-Plate Artist and Photographer)

Susan Seubert (Dry-Plate Artist and Photographer)

Matthew Larkin (Wet-Plate Artist)

Ellen Susan (Wet-Plate Artist and Photographer)

Robert Szabo (Wet-Plate Artist)

Quinn Jacobson (Wet-Plate Artist)

David Prifti (Wet-Plate Artist and Teacher)

Luther Gerlach (Wet-Plate Artist)

Jody Ake (Wet-Plate Artist)

Kerik Kouklis (Wet-Plate Artist)

Chris Morgan (Wet-Plate Artist)

Andrew Richmond (Wet-Plate Artist)

Ken Merfeld (Wet-Plate Artist and Photographer)

Joni Sternbach (Wet-Plate Artist and Photographer)

Todd Vinson (Wet-Plate Artist)

Stephen Berkman (Wet-Plate/Installation Artist)

Alison Carey (Photographer/Mixed Media and Dry-Plate Artist)

Johnathan Danforth (Daguerreotype Artist)

Alan A. Bekhuis (Daguerreotype Artist, Master Case Maker, Conservationist)

N.W. Gibbons (Wet-Plate Artist)

Erica Shires (Commercial Photographer who also uses Wet-Plate)

Keliy Anderson-Staley (Wet-Plate Artist/Photographer)

Brian Scadden (Wet-Plate Artist)

Robert Benson (Commercial Photographer who also uses Wet-Plate)

Andy Richmond (Wet-Plate Artist, Digital/Video)


The Daguerrian Society


Photographers’ Formulary (chemicals/supplies/workshops)

Artcraft Chemicals Inc (chemicals/supplies)

Bostick & Sullivan (supplies)

Elemental Scientific (chemicals/supplies)

Rockland (Emulsions and other supplies)

Silverprint (Emulsions and other supplies)

B&H (supplies/hardware)

Black Art Woodcraft (darkbox/silver & fix baths/etc) (image cases, contemporary daguerreotypes, etc)  ** Same link as that for Alan Bekhuis above **


Zero Image Company (AWESOME pinhole cameras)

Star Camera Company (dag and wet-plate cameras) (Box camera history/reference)

Deardorff Historical Site (by Ken Hough Photographic Repair Service)

Wisner View Cameras and Accessories (custom cameras etc) (Antique and 19th century camera info)

Forums/Online Info

Creative Image Maker (Online Magazine)

Alternative Photography (information/online community)

Analog Photography Users Group (online community)

Wet-Plate Collodion Forum (online community)

Civil War Reenactors Wet-Plate Forum (online community)

Contemporary Daguerreotypes (information/online community)

Flickr Wetplate Group (online community)

Large Format Photography Forum (online community)

Lens Culture

Hybrid Photo (online community)

Mamut Photo (ULF Photography)


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