The Discovery of Similarity

For days I have been trying to put my finger on, as it were, the source of a nagging feeling I have been having since playing around with the idea behind the Surplus project.  The tugging in my mind was that of familiarity, that sensation that your eyes have already seen what you happen to now be creating.  Conjure that feeling we commonly associate with deja vu and you will have the recurring sensation that I have had.

©2004 Raphael Dallaporta

©2004 Raphael Dallaporta

So, I have been on the hunt of the source of my recurring phantoms of recognition.  Thinking I had seen another biographical object project like the one I am tinkering with I canvassed with  web with relentless search-and-destroy Google queries.  Each one came up very short.  Each negative inquiry actually being a positive outcome.

Then suddenly, like the realization that you forgot to renew your vehicle registration while halfway through a 1000 mile road trip, I saw a vision of an antipersonnel mine.  The mine floated in the darkness of my sealed cranium, its strange bright color popping against the void.

©2013 Phil D. Nesmith

©2013 Phil D. Nesmith

I had located the source of my unsettling feelings!  The project that had been lodged deep in my mind and reawakened by the creation of my recent images is one by Raphael Dallaporta named Antipersonnel I had first been introduced to this work because of its inclusion in Aperture’s reGeneration published in 2005.  The areas explored by Antipersonnel and Surplus are vastly different, and although the image creation methods are not the same, the resulting aesthetics are.  Now the question is one of a way forward.

~ by Phil Nesmith on December 6, 2013.

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