People Who Support Me

©2012 Phillip D. Nesmith

©2012 Phillip D. Nesmith

There is little doubt in my mind that you have heard the cliche term “starving artist” before.  Like most cliches, they become so because there is some level of truth behind them.  Having had successful careers as a soldier and an IT professional in past lives I came to art later than most people who pursue the creative life.  Having tasted financial success I would be lying if I did not say that the sting of near-poverty levels of income I make as an artist/educator was not a sobering experience.  Sometimes I have regretted not leaving the stability of  those “real” careers much sooner as I am far to old now to ever make a run for one of those popular 20-Under-20 or even 30-Under-30 list.  But, mostly I think that having the “good life” first has made me hesitant at times because of the diminished financial capabilities I now have as an artist.  One of the things that I did gain from those other careers in addition to the taste of what financial stability was like was firsthand experience in the value of teamwork.

To survive as a artist in todays America requires teamwork.  Significant-others, families, gallery owners, collectors, “fans”, all of these groups we must partner with if we are to eat and continue to have supplies to make work.   My feelings about teamwork led me in 2010 to seek funding from individuals to help pay for an expedition to the Gulf Coast during the Deepwarer Horizon disaster.  My past two projects, Flow and Line of Sight have both been made possible because of crowdsourcing through Kickstarter.  The funds collected through the Kickstarter projects Exposure and Meditations on Boundary Landscapes and Surveillance are the only reason that work was able to be made and It is impossible for me to thank the people who assisted in funding them enough.  It is true that the funds raised were far from the total spent to produce the work, but it was enough to get the cameras in the field and get the process rolling.  It is a great feeling to see a list of people who believe in what you are trying to accomplish, even if the desired goal is not completely clear.   Along with this support comes an added level of stress…which is something I may write about in the future.

As 2013 awaits in the wings, I am readying the first exhibition of work created during the Boundary Landscapes project of 2012.  Although met with an almost overwhelming level of issues while on the ground in Arizona, enough plates were produced to  begin to lay the visual groundwork of what the project was about.  I am very happy to have been approached by James Madison University to show some of what I now see as preliminary work of a much larger project, but I need to make sure those who have made this inital work possible are acknowledged.

Below is a list of the individuals who provided financial and/or material support for and during the two months of field work which produced Line of Sight: Views from The Age of Surveillance.  The generosity of these people allow me to be what I am in this world.

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