Cleveland Treasure – The Forgotten Photographer

I have been making lots of references to Timothy O’Sullivan since the summer because of the recent work I have been entangled with.  So, fueled by that and a recent acquisition I thought I would make a post about some books that others may find interesting.

So for those who do not yet know, a self-deportation from Virginia is in progress.  On a recent scouting trip around Cleveland Ohio, my soon-to-be new home, I picked up this little addition to my library for $12 at a wonderful used book store.  It is not a first edition, which the store also had, but it is a great reference copy and it would be hard to beat the price.  With this small find I already know that Cleveland is going to be a good place to be.  I am in need of some art and teaching introductions, so Cleveland if you are reading this hit me up!

This book is really the foundation of any collection of O’Sullivan books but be warned as the image reproduction is crap.  The value in this book is not the “more than 400 remarkable photographs”, but the biographical information.  If you are looking for good reproductions from O’Sullivans plates I can personally recommend the book of King Survey images  found here , as well as this recent book, and although not in my library this old Aperture offering.  These books focus on O’Sullivan’s work after his formative Civil War years.  Standing the test of time, the most extensive collection of his images from this part of his life available to the public would be Gardner’s Photographic Sketchbook.  All of these books, other than a few exceptions in the Aperture book and this one (not yet in my library) show the images after being touched up.  Having recently started to examine these differences in reproduction and the implications on my memories and understanding of O’Sullivan’s work I have started to change my opinions on the reproduction and manipulation of my own plates.  I am planning to write more on this in the future.

Do something grand for yourself today!  Buy a book.


~ by Phil Nesmith on December 8, 2012.

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