Ultimate Illusion

Ultimate Illusion ©2011 Phillip Nesmith

The image above is a 24×20″ black glass dry-plate “ambrotype”, which rounds out the three new plates made for the Tribute 1 exhibition currently on view at Irvine Contemporary in Washington D.C.  The plate is finished with my typical handmade and hand applied sandarac/lavender varnish.  Recently a comment was made that my titles for these recent images are too dark. well if you have not noticed anything “dark” about my Flight Patterns series then maybe you’re not tuned into the same frequency that I am broadcasting on.  There is nothing HD here baby, we are coming to you live on AM.  Even though something is rooted in the darkness of what we are, it does not mean that thing can’t be beautiful visually.  The greatest evils are often camouflaged as the harmless, and sometimes as the beneficial.

The Harbinger and Narrenshiff plates are also included in Tribute 1.


~ by Phil Nesmith on June 18, 2011.

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