Das Narrenschiff

Das Narrenschiff ©2011 Phillip Nesmith

Das Narrenschiff  (The Ship of Fools) is a 24″ cameraless plate which is part of a three plate collection created specifically for Irvine Contemporary’s Tribute 1 exhibition which opens June 11th.  The hummingbird featured in the image is known to readers familiar with my Flight Patterns body of work, which obviously informed the creation of the image shown above.  Full dimensions of the plate are 19×24″.

The title Das Narrenschiff is borrowed from  Sebastian Brant’s 1494 satire of the same name, and unlike many other ships/boats commonly found in literature of the age such as Symphorien Champier’s Ship of Virtuious Ladies, Ship of Health, and Jacob Van Bade’s Blauwe Schute the Narrenschiff really did exist.  These boats as outlined by Michel Foucault in his book History of Madness drifted from town to town along the rivers of Europe with their cargo of banished madmen.  I do not want to go into too much detail as I plan to write more about the image later, but I thought that it is important to explain where the name came from.

I hope you enjoy the new image, and I ask that you consider visiting  Irvine Contemporary to see it in person.

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~ by Phil Nesmith on June 9, 2011.

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