Almost Show Time

The image above was made with my cell phone as I unpacked to work the Nord Sea.  The time draws near when the work made in June will be out in the world.  Five days remain until the opening on Flow in Washington D.C.  The work is no longer in my hands, and all that remains to do is to show up and talk with people about the experience on Saturday.  Talking with people about my work is the thing that I love most.  It is a time when I can relay a back story, intention, or struggle that can sometimes remain hidden, yet can provide an additional entrance point to the work.  With the Gulf project, I feel that a main part of the work was the actual experience of the event and working in the environment, becoming part of it.  While working on the coast and in the wetlands of south Louisiana I often thought to myself that what I was doing was mostly a performance piece that was being conducted in isolation, the resulting ambrotypes becoming some form of evidence or artifact.  Because of this I feel that conversation about this work is very important, and as I am not a writer (made evident by this blog) I look forward to talking about this work with anyone who has interest.  I will be giving a gallery talk about an hour or so before the official opening of Flow and will be available during the reception to talk with visitors.  I hope to you see there!

The Gulf Expedition which resulted in the material for Flow was made possible by financial and material support from the following individuals:

Jennifer Foley, Therese Brown, Zoe Shankle Donald, Vivianne Carey, Laura Kicey, Eric Damon Walters, Bob McGowan, Alison Overton, Jim Sincock, Jeanne, Deborah Pierce, Jeffrey Allison, Dana Walters, Frederick Nunley, Alice Pierce, Lynn Murphy, Igor Svibilsky, Jeff Gilles, Wendie Price, Ernie Barreto, Anne Trabue Watson, Jonathan Danforth, Brad Means, Michael Jacobson, Elizabeth, Amy Glengary Yang, Tom Persinger, Carmella Rodriguez-Hardy, Sean D., Erin McCann, Kellie Benn, Ethel Morton, Pat Padua, Holly Werner, Erin Antognoli, Linda Plaisted, Todd Gardner, Lori Means, Micki Multer, Dawn Werner, Charleston Waterkeeper, Amy Hauft, Charles May, Gina Cavallo Collins, Blue Mitchell, Lily Cox-Richard, Chris Keeling, Carrie Williar, Tracy Lee, Jean Schiller, Melisa Loewe, Lisa Taranto, Laura & Richard Garrett, Lucia & Bill Foley, Craig Lammes, Mark Pekar, Anonymous, Martin Irvine, Christopher Chen, Mark Tirona, Shawne Major, Patrick Crowley, Matthew Larkin, Lisa Darter, Marsha Means, Brianna Gribben, Anne Lassere, Ashleigh Ide, Mary Fritz, Tiffany Ferreira, Jen Bandini, Rob Wolf, B.J. Kocen


~ by Phil Nesmith on September 7, 2010.

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