Flow – The Supporters

Today I delivered the ambrotypes that I made in south Louisiana during the month of June.  The exhibition of the work, called Flow, will open at Irvine Contemporary in Washington D.C. on September 11th.  The details can be found here.  The exhibition was born from a desire to better understand the BP oil disaster and made possible by a  private funding effort that provided for the creation of the work.  All of the people listed below (in no particular order) provided the support needed for the project to happen.  Without the financial support they provided, not a single plate would have been exposed. Although the experience that these people allowed me to have is something I will never forget, what I will remember most vividly is having the support of so many people who believed in what I was trying to do.

The following people made Flow possible:

Jennifer Foley, Therese Brown, Zoe Shankle Donald, Vivianne Carey, Laura Kicey, Eric Damon Walters, Bob McGowan, Alison Overton, Jim Sincock, Jeanne, Deborah Pierce, Jeffrey Allison, Dana Walters, Frederick Nunley, Alice Pierce, Lynn Murphy, Igor Svibilsky, Jeff Gilles, Wendie Price, Ernie Barreto, Anne Trabue Watson, Jonathan Danforth, Brad Means, Michael Jacobson, Elizabeth, Amy Glengary Yang, Tom Persinger, Carmella Rodriguez-Hardy, Sean D., Erin McCann, Kellie Benn, Ethel Morton, Pat Padua, Holly Werner, Erin Antognoli, Linda Plaisted, Todd Gardner, Lori Means, Micki Multer, Dawn Werner, Charleston Waterkeeper, Amy Hauft, Charles May, Gina Cavallo Collins, Blue Mitchell, Lily Cox-Richard, Chris Keeling, Carrie Williar, Tracy Lee, Jean Schiller, Melisa Loewe, Lisa Taranto, Laura & Richard Garrett, Lucia & Bill Foley, Craig Lammes, Mark Pekar, Anonymous, Martin Irvine, Christopher Chen, Mark Tirona, Shawne Major, Patrick Crowley, Matthew Larkin, Lisa Darter, Marsha Means, Brianna Gribben, Anne Lassere, Ashleigh Ide, Mary Fritz, Tiffany Ferreira, Jen Bandini, Rob Wolf, B.J. Kocen


~ by Phil Nesmith on September 5, 2010.

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