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Recently I attended an event called Gulf 1-2-1 at the Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond Va.  The event was coordinated to happen simultaneously with a mirror event happening in Washington D.C.  The event was primarily a social gathering with food, live music, and raffles for goodies.  All of the proceeds went the National Wildlife Federation in the hopes of helping the organizations efforts in the Gulf.  I provided a looping digital slide show of images from my June expedition to south Louisiana and spoke for about two minutes about why I had gone to the Gulf, and how I was happy to see people 1000 miles away from the water’s edge wanting to do something.

Style Weekly, which is a well-known local paper ran a small piece in their Richmond Giving section on the numerous local fund-raising events supporting Gulf actions.  I supplied a few digital images (originally snapshots for myself and not meant for publication) for use, and they chose one for illustration of the article.  Although I am disappointed that the Gulf 1-2-1 event was not cover more fully, and I was not asked to provided any details of my personal experience with the disaster in the Gulf, I hope that my image will move others to seek out some of the approaching events to attend.

With news from the Gulf quickly fading away into the haze of the recent past, it is my hope that the Deepwater Horizon event has touched just a few people enough so that they continue to think about what we do to the planet.  Maybe, of those few that are thinking about our impact, a few of those will be moved to do something about it.  I would like to think that millions of people would rise up, but of course I know that will not happen.  But, a few in number is possible.  If something that I have made this summer helps move one person to do something about the numerous environmental problems around the world, then I have accomplished a great thing.

For those that may think that everything in the Gulf is fine.  Here is a report with images from the Gulf Restoration Network.


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 18, 2010.

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