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The link below will take you to the interview I did with Washington D.C.’s NBC News 4 late yesterday.  I spoke with Craig Melvin for just over 30 minutes about my experience in south Louisiana over the past two weeks and what I was trying to accomplish there.  Of course the plates featured in the interview are mine, along with the still images shown.  The video is footage that News 4 provided from other sources.


The image above is of the flare on the Q4000 support rig at the Deepwater Horizon well site.  This rig is supporting the operations of the Discover Enterprise drill ship that is being used for containment operations over the well.  The flare is burning off tens of thousands of barrels of oil and gas which is being captured at the sea floor.  This image was made while on landing approach to the Transocean DD-II rig which is drilling the second of two relief wells planned to intersect with the Deepwater Horizon well.


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