Gulf Coast Expedition

So I have been meaning to post a few things here for about two months now, but is seems I always get pulled away by something.  Then, when I have time I realize that it is too late as what I wanted to pass along has already been over come by other events.  Well, that is the situation this morning. The photo above by the Associated Press of oil in the Gulf of Mexico should give you a clue to what is on my mind.

For the past week I have been running the numbers and thinking about how to get to the Gulf Coast with my wet collodion gear to create plates related to the massive oil disaster that is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.  After some thought I realized that I had the time to spend a few weeks there, and that I had contacts in New Orleans that were very willing to help out, and that generally things looked very good.  All but the funds needed for the expedition.  Panicked by the thought of not being able to take action on this important occasion because of money I started to contact previous backers etc to gauge the level of support.  The replies were slow in coming, if they came, but because of the time sensitive nature of unfolding events I felt that I needed to take action.  Enter Kickstarter.

I have a few friends that have used Kickstarter to fund projects that wanted to get off the ground, so I thought that I would give it a try.  If you are reading this, please take a look at my Kickstarter. You will find some details about what I am trying to do, how much support I need to get going, how you can help, and what you will get for helping.  I hope that you will find the project interesting enough to support with money if you can, but if you can’t, do not fear.  Spreading the word about this is just as important as providing some funds.  Because of the “short fuse” on this project it is very important that as many people who may be interested in the project see it.  Please pass the word.

Updates will be provided here and at FACEBOOK.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 30, 2010.

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