Last week a small box arrived at my home.  Actually a few boxes arrived last week, most of them filled with hazardous chemicals needed to restock the darkroom.  Needless to sat I am looking forward to a summer of image making after my normal post show dormant period.  After Flight Patterns, and PhotoMiami I did not want to see the darkroom for a while.  Now that the weather is nice and the Earth is coming back to life I feel the itch once again.

So, back to the small box that arrived.  It was from Utech Records in Wilwaukee and it contained three complimentary CDs prominently featuring a wet collodion tintype image that I made a while back.  Last year I was contacted by Keith at Utech about the project and after hearing his approach to the recordings I was excited to have one of my images used for the packaging.  Utech produces limited numbers of each recording and believes that the packaging and the recorded sound are part of a whole work.  The idea of limited runs, and the focus on the whole object fit with my one-off way of working.

Sometime late last year I was told that the release had been delayed.  Well, I had forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when an email arrived requesting to confirm my mailing address and informing me that the CDs were done and that I would receive my copies soon.  And arrive they did!  This recording should be available from the Utech site in May 2010.


~ by Phil Nesmith on April 18, 2010.

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