Screen Print Experiments

For those of you keeping up with my experiments on Flickr this will be old news to you.  A week ago I finished this is 10 pull screen print image on paper based on one of my dry plate images which can be seen here. Three stencils were involved in this work which were computer generated and hand modified after printing.  The original single stencil two pull test concept on plain paper can be seen here.

I have always been interested in the transformation of things.  Often in my work I am moving from one method to another resulting in a combination of both process and time.  Recently I have also been combining 35mm art education slides recovered from the trash to create new images from someone elses captured momments and art.  In my current screen printing experiments I am playing with the idea of using my photographic plates as a starting point for a unique dirivitive print which clearly poseses the spirit of the original work but has become something new and clearly not photographic.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 14, 2009.

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