Lumberjack, Candy Maker, and The Soldiers

When I was a kid, just as today, I had a vast array of interest.  One of them was thinking about what I was going to be when I grew up.  The dry plate ambrotype triptych above shows three professions that seemed to enter my thoughts often, and as anyone who knows me would point out the Soldier won me over for a number of years.  My father would be quick to point out that another favorite of mine ,which is not depicted, was garbage collector.  Yeah I know, I know…but man I really thought that crusher and being able to ride on the back of the truck was so cool.  Also not shown is IT professional, which is the label I took off last year, and artist.  Even if I would have been a lumberjack, a candy maker, and even the garbage man before being a soldier and then IT professional the artist would always be there.

The plates above are not easy to read, they are crowded and not well defined.  Even with detailed inspection it my be impossible to work out what is going on.  In a way, although completely by mistake, they exactly sum up my current existence because of those attributes.  Even in times of uncertainty the act of creating can remind us of the value of creativity and imagination as tool to help us navigate through life.

You may see only junk in the image above, and if you must know the truth they are rejects from a test conducted two night ago in my darkroom.  Rejects…with the power to grab my attention and show me something I missed because I had become too entangled in fear and uncertainty.  No matter what, I am an artist, a creator of things and there is a steadying power in knowing that no employer (or lack of one) can take that away.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 14, 2009.

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