One Mans Trash…

…is another mans treasure.

There is something wonderful about sitting in the dark and projecting 35mm slides (recovered from someones trash) onto the wall. Maybe it is because it just is not done much any more. The hum of the cooling fan mixed with the mechanical “kerchunk” as the carousel advances, dropping the next image in front of the brilliant white light. The dust floating on the air in front of the bean of light cutting the dark. The reflected light of the image dimly illuminating the room.

This image is like others I have been posting to Flickr. It is a digital photograph of multiple slides projected over each other. Yes, I could use my digital film scanner to accomplish the same thing with much greater quality, but then I would be missing the entire sensory experience of the projection.

Most of the recovered slides that I have been playing with are Kodak Kodachrome which Kodak announced this week would be killed off and added to the growing listed of discontinued film based photographic products.  I cant help but think about the fact that industrial  production is such a major force in the photographic arts.  Painters, sketch artist, sculptors, glass blowers……are the works they are able to produce as closely tied to the offerings of manufactures as photographers?

The fact that I was given the opportunity to explore a few large boxes of discarded art educational slides the same month that Kodak announces the kill off of Kodachrome means something.  What exactly that meaning might be I am not sure other than change always comes and sometimes it is a sad thing.


~ by Phil Nesmith on June 25, 2009.

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