Phil Returns to Artomatic!

I am sorry if you might have been a bit excited by the title of this post.  If you did that means that you were one of the people who really enjoyed seeing my Arizona Graves tintypes at Artomatic 2007.  Well…I am sorry to say that because of current obligations I am not available for Artomatic again, but I did make an appearance yesterday.  You see I was a “hired gun” of sorts.  I was supporting my wife in her efforts to pull together a display for some of her large format work in a compressed amount of time.  Although in the image above I don’t look too happy, I was goofing for the camera as always…..we had a fun time.

The concept for the display is informed by the subject of the images which are abandoned and raised shopping centers and strip malls found in the Richmond VA. area.  The unfinished plywood of the wall worked nice in bringing the visual texture of boarded windows into the display space.  It was fun not having to be spot-on with the set up, with the pencil reference lines etc left in place.  Although not the original idea, the natural space we found worked well and allowed us to avoid multiple trips to D.C. from Richmond.

If your going to be in Washington D.C. during the next few weeks you might just want to check out the good, bad, and the ugly that makes Artomatic what is it.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 25, 2009.

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