Legends – Work in Progress

The three black glass ambrotypes (wet plate) above were made over the past weekend.  In fact they were made in the afternoon after a morning of working another portrait session.  The whole day was plagued with problems which ranged from poorly cleaned plates, to exposure issues (see above), and just general juju not working.  The day was challenging, and early on I thought that it might be best to call it quits and limit my losses.  In the end the day work out well enough with having friends over and burning through a good amount of VERY aged collodion which is about shot.

The images above are part of a project that I am calling Personal Legends.  Personal Legends is a collection of wet plate collodion portraits of people that I know. To take just a slightly different view of the portrait, the Personal Legend plates focus on an object that the subject has chosen to hold and not the persons face. The object represents something deep and defining about who the person thinks they are. This project is about how we see ourselves as much as how we want to be seen.  Although still very early on in the process of exploration of this project many interesting things are already starting to show themselves.  I am looking forward to see how the work evolves as I live with the idea more.

The other Personal Legends can be seen in this Flickr Set.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 12, 2009.

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