Between The Rain – World Wet Plate Collodion Photography Day 2009

Yesterday was World Wet Plate Collodion Photography Day.  Although the weather in the Richmond Va area was cloudy and damp with scattered rain showers I was able to make the above black glass ambrotype.  Having written off the day to the weather I noticed a pattern in the weather with small breaks between the rain.  Checking the online weather radar I thought that I might have enough time to set up, mix developer, and make a plate.  In the end it was pretty fun trying to race the weather and work with wet collodion.

The plate shows a human infant skull (which is a specimen on loan) placed in an old bird nest.  The plate was made sometime in the second half of the 1700 hour of the day as some brighter light broke through a thinning in the cloud cover.  The image is on black glass and was exposed in the 5×7 camera through Darlot optics.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 4, 2009.

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