Honey Dipped

“Go to the bee, and learn how diligent she is. What a noble work she produces, whose labour kings and private men use for their health! She is desired and honored by all, and though weak in strength, yet since she values wisdom she prevails.” (Proverbs)

This is the first Personal Legend wet plate tintype of 2009. After a winter break the collodion flows again! This image is of a young Richmond artist and future art educator.

Other Legends can be found below:

O’ Mandolin
Gold Bug
The Deerslayer

Today is the 1st annual Wet Plate Photography (as noted in the previous post) day honoring the accomplishments of Fredrick Scott Archer who has been given credit for the discovery of using collodion for photography.  Although glass negatives (silver chloride) had been produced by Sir John Herschel in and around 1839, it was Archer’s discovery that would make glass negatives common more than a decade later.

Plagued by scattered thundershowers in the Richmond area today I thought that I would not make any collodion images due to the weather.  That was until a break in the rain and clouds appeared and I hurredly set up the camera and prepared chemicals at the last minute.  Racing against a new wave of approaching rain I was able to expose three black glass plates which are still drying.  Although the results are not masterpeices, it felt good to give the ole 5×7 some freash air and smell some collodion.  An image of one of the plates from today will be posted tomorrow if all goes well.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 2, 2009.

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