Recent Explorations

The image above is a black glass dryplate (silver gelatin) diptych that I recently made.  My dryplate work continues to explore the natural form of mainly flying insects and mammals such as bats.  Recently I have begun to explore the juxtaposition of types of insects that would naturally not be found together or that appear to be working in concert for a common end.  In a way I feel that I am working toward a visual narrative of the natural worlds rebellion against humans and the situations we bring upon the environment.  Along with interesting combinations of subjects I have also started to introduced weapons and other human created elements to play with scale, intention and capability of the insects depicted.

The visual complexity of the images are naturally changing to meet the ideas in my mind.  The work is moving away from the pure scientific single specimin image that call to the beginnings of photography with the works of Anna Atkins, William Henry Fox Talbot, and Sir John Hershel to something more.  The images are fictional but strangly real as well.  What does the future hold?


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 1, 2009.

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