The dust has settled from the Irvine Contemporary group show Aspect: Ratio 2.  The exhibition focused on “small format” works by a group of the gallery represented artist.  My smallest work was 7×15 which in photographic language is in “small format” by any means.  Most of the other artist were painters and the like that normally work with much larger canvas and panel works so I found it nice that I could work full size and be included in the show.

The opening was well attended given the economic situation and I was pleased to find a nice level of interest in my recent direct positive photogram studies.  I am happy to report that the two works I had in the show both sold within about a week and a half.  This was a nice surprise given the company in which was work hung.

The image above, which is a continuous composition four plate piece which was made for the Ratio 2 show but was not shown.  Unfortunately is was damaged on the way to my local framer.  In the rush to get everything done and meet shipping time-lines the plates were forced out before they were totally ready.  Needless to say I was upset by the turn of events but could only look to myself for the true cause.  At least I had documented the plates.

So if you happen to be still following this slow blog, here is a reward for you.  There will be a new show of my work at Irvine Contemporary sometime in the near future.  Details are not totally settled but as soon as they are I will post them here.


~ by Phil Nesmith on March 8, 2009.

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