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Ok, well this is something that I thought that I would never do, but with the nudging from a fellow artist I have entered the universe of MySpace.  Something new for the New Year.  As the clock counts down the final hours of 2008, I ponder the past year and wonder about what the next one will bring.  It is the same ritual every New Years Eve for me.  I can say that the past handful of years have been great and full of wonderful twist.  My hope is that 2009 will continue the ride.

If you have been following me here, on my website, and/or on my Flickr stream you will not find anything new on the MySpace page……BUT you should go by and add me as a Friend anyway.  A person cant have too many channels of communication can they?  Hmmm

Check it out HERE


~ by Phil Nesmith on December 31, 2008.

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