Gifts for the Holidays (Show News and Site Updates)

It is Christmas Eve as I type this and I thought was better time than post something new to the blog.  This time around I have gifts to pass along to the two of you that read what I type here.  The first one is a show announcement for January 2009.  Although the details have not yet been worked out with the gallery in terms what which or how many of my works will be included, I am happy to announce that I have been asked to be a part of Aspect: Ratio 2 at Irvine Contemporary.  Details as currently found at the Irvine site are posted below.



Today I took to time to FINALLY start updating the content of my website!  This is a big deal as not much has happened there (other than news post) for a very long time.  I added two new portfolios today, the Personal Legend portrait work and one I am calling Wunderkammer.  Currently now portfolio text has been uploaded and the image selection is a bit thin but I hope to be fleshing that out soon.  Of note is the finalization of the My Baghdad (formally know as My Iraq) portfolio.  I removed all of the original 4×5 dry-plate tintype images and replaced them with scans of the 8×12 dry-plate black glass ambrotypes from the Irvine Contemporary show of Jan 2008.  The artist statement from the Irvine Baghdad show has also replaced the original text on the site.  If you have seen the original images that have lived is portfolio forever, I hope that you will revisit to see the much better quality plates now on display.  Head here to take a look!

Lastly, if your on MySpace, maybe you would like to go to my new profile and add m as a friend.  I hope to use MySpace to stay in contact with more people with regards to my work and theirs.  Take a look!



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