The Gold Bug

“We love to dwell long upon them – to infer many things, from the text they preach – to pursue the current of thoughts running right about riot about them. It is singular what a peculiar influence is possessed by the eye of a well-painted miniature or portrait…for the strange fascination of looking at the eyes of a portrait, sometimes goes beyond what comes from the real orbs themselves.”

– Walt Whitman 1846 (after a visit to the Plumbe Daguerreotype Gallery)

The wet-plate collodion tintype above is part of a collection of souls that I am gathering ( see my father here). In this plate Laura Garrett who is a Richmond Virgina artist who collects and works with insects sat for me. She also happens to be a great framer and was responsible for the outstanding framing work for my DC Baghdad show back in January.

Find out more about Laura and her work at her web site.


~ by Phil Nesmith on September 19, 2008.

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