Kendrick’s Changelings Availible

A while ago I made a post about a new body of work from well known NatGeo photog and wet-plate artist Robb Kendrick called Changelings. After Kendrick’s extensive work with the American cowboy, Changelings is a massive departure in subject matter, but like the cowboys co-exist with the ascetics of the wet-plate collodion process so well as to seem to live because of it. The Changelings project makes great use of technical artifacts from short-pours to scarification of the collodion surface not seen in the mostly perfect plates of the cowboy work. The radical departure in subject and technique is very exciting.

To read what Kendrick has to say about this project check out his interview with The Unblinking Eye.

The book has been produced by Cloverleaf Press and is available NOW. After first hearing of the Changelings work I contacted Cloverleaf to check on availability as I really wanted (and still do) one of these great looking books. Jace Graf from Cloverleaf answered my inquiry in record time, and although the website was not complete was very willing to share image files, production details and ordering information. The book looks GREAT and I feel that any photographer would be honored to have their work presented in such a fashion.

For purchase information (or to learn of the production details) contact Cloverleaf Press directly with the information provided below. This is your chance to be one of only 113 people to have this wonderful work from one of America,s leading collodion artist in their collections. Let them know that The Visual Adventure sent you!

Cloverleaf Press

P.O. Box 4846 Austin, TX 78765

(512) 494-9596

*** Images above by Robb Kendrick and provided by Cloverleaf Press ***


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 18, 2008.

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