The Salt Effect

This has got to be one of the dullest blogs on the Internet! For those of you that keep coming back….thank you….but I wonder about your mental state 🙂 I have run across some really nice blogs over the past few weeks and what I have noticed that that the best ones are ones that are resources as well as being something personal. My feeling is this blog has really died since January. Maybe that is because after the Iraq show I was just tired and a bit lost in my direction.

I thought about giving up on this blog, I mean there are only two people reading it and one of those is my wonderful and supportive wife Jennifer. The other reader…..I have no idea who they are. Anyway, I dont think that I am going to give up on it yet because I need to at least try to make this a space worth checking out before I throw in the towel.

First up is a new announcement about a collodion artist/photographer that I enjoy keeping track of. Her name is Joni Sternbach and I have posting something about her before here. She has some new work in View Camera magazine this month which she made during a artist residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

Although Joni does not yet have a statement posted on her site about this project, she does state the following in the opening page of her View Camera spread:

” The Salt Effect is a phrase that I first heard while photographing during an artist-in-residency in northwestern Utah, a reagon of great beauty and harsh conditions. It was meant as a play off the term “The Lake Effect”, which describes the oder of the Great Salt Lake as the wind blows southward- a sulfur-like smell that ironically transforms a breathtaking place into one where it can be unpleasant to take a simple breath. The Salt Effect aptly describes my immersion and experience in the weather and terrain of the high desert surrounding the Great Salt Lake.”

Most of the work Joni has posted on her site and published in View Camera are wide open desert landscapes which make me homesick for the deserts of southern Arizona, but the one I love most was left out of the VC mag….the one posted above which I linked to from Joni’s site. Four figures draped in sniper ghillie suites standing one an desolate salt plane which a single dark mountain rising in the distance like a king. Great great great plate. If anyone out there would like to surprise me with a gift….this plate would be awesome (I doubt that you could get Joni to sell it). I look forward to the next project from Joni Sternbach and I hope you do to!

Head out now to buy your copy of View Camera… support the endangered species of printed photographic magazine that offers more than the latest product views by the hundreds!

*** Image above by Joni Sternbach ***


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 23, 2008.

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