Push What is Falling

Before I get to the news that I hinted at in my last posting, I would like to invite you to check out the book shown above. If you know taken any photography history class ( or done enough reading on the Internet) you know of the name Eadweard Muybridge and his accomplishments of stopping motion with the camera. You may have heard of him as being the father of movies, and of course if you know that much you probably know of the wager between two men about if all of the hooves of a horse leave the ground while as a gallop which led to his studies. Did you know that the so called bet that started Muybridge’s work never took place? Did you know that Muybridge was the most know and respected photographer in California and stood trial for the murder of his wifes lover?

I had this book on the shelf for over seven months a I read other books, passing over the Muybridge book many times as I felt that I already know the story of his life and accomplishments. Once opening the cover and reading the first few pages I was hooked. The book is a bright spotlight on one of the most interesting people working in the early days of photography in America (I should point out that Muybridge is English) illuminating not only the details of his work prior to the capture of motion, the details of his failed marriage, but also the often over looked details surrounding his massive motion studies and the truth on how they got started. At times the story of Muybrige’s early years in California read like a fictional Western adventure. As if the revield details of his life are not enough enjoyment, technical obstacles and details of the motion work are reviled that are so often glossed over in most contemporary writings making this one of my favorite books related to photography history. The book is a great read even if your not a photographer……so check it out.

For a cool graphic on how the image on the cover of the book was created check this out.

Ok so I hinted at some news in my last post. Well it may not be news that seems big to you, but in my world it is life changing. On this past Monday I tendered my resignation to my employer effectively ending my present career…..for good. My life has been moving in this direction since the summer of 2003 while I sat in Baghdad Iraq although at the time I had no idea were those events would lead. My co-workers seem to envy my ability to turn my back on a great paycheck, especially during this time of economic downturn in the country. All I can really say is that it is interesting how being comfortable can really bring life to a halt and hold it still till death arrives.

What am I going to be doing? I am going to be teaching a small amount of photography, working on my own photographic work, holding down a VERY flexible part-time (20 hours a week) IT position, and attending the number one public university school of arts in the country…..Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

The title of this post comes from an email I received from friend and fellow collodion artist Matt Larkin sent to me in regards to the news outlined above.  I really feel what those words mean….thanks Matt.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 18, 2008.

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