Lazy Jack

Summer is here and I have just returned from a great vacation to the coast of Maine. The image above is the view from the windjammer Lazy Jack as she tacked out of Boothbay Harbor. This trip was the best vacation I have had in years……and  I fell in love with yet another part of this country.

There is something about being in a great environment to fuel the imagination!  The rugged coast of Maine, with its dynamic tides, and views really woke my eyes up which is something that I have been in need of for a while now.  The images came to me like the endless lines of lobster boats plying the cold waters.

Today was spent in the darkroom exploring one of the ideas that came to me while searching the rocks during low tide for sea treasures.  Between taking care of a shipment of fresh chemicals that arrived while I was gone, mixing some new collodion, and working on some new 5×7 plates it has been a nice photographic weekend.  I plan to post some of the results here soon as things gets firmed up.

There will also be some news posted here in my next post that is life changing for me so stay tuned to this station.  Heave ho boys, the wind is rising!


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 14, 2008.

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