Borderland Artifacts

This is a wet-plate tintype of a water jug used by someone crossing the desert from Mexico into southern Arizona. This is a common sight littering the roadways and trails of Arizona along with the other artifacts that are left behind by those migrating north.

This jug has a red bandanna tied in a loop through the plastic handle which made it easier to carry. After living near the border for 10 years I had seen many of these jugs and began to notice how each one was unique and had some trace of the person who toiled to carry it.

While I worked on my short Borderlands project I began to collect some of the artifacts I found that had been left behind. These items include examples of water jugs, and fully loaded backpacks filled with the items someone thought they would need while crossing the desert.

Maybe I will continue to make plates of these items to see what they have to say.

**Note: The image of the plate has been flipped to make the text readable as in-camera tintypes are reversed from life. **

~ by Phil Nesmith on June 18, 2008.

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