Stayvation 2008

Well even though I have a great paying day job, the cost of living has made it seem like I am 18 years old and a private in the Army again scraping to to get by. I love to take road trips, exploring for images to make, but the cost of gas has put a stop to that. Frankly I feel like I have been put into a cage. Enter the era of the Stayvation!

This past holiday weekend was the first time of real occupation of my new darkroom and what a grand treat it was. Long gone are the days of a sore back from bending over very low tables, and wasting materials because of too little light or storage pace. The light leaks in basement walls and rafters of the Arlington house seem like a fading dream. I cannot say enough about the need to have a proper work space no matter what type of work you are doing.

The weekend was spent planing with dry-plate (FYI not collodion based) image making both in-camera with the 5×7 Kodak (see image above) and contact printing. This time in the darkroom was just for playing, to just make something after a very long dormant period which started as the Irvine Contemporary show went up in January. It felt good to play. No masterclass images were made, but great fun was had.

I also took the time to mix up some fresh wet plate chemicals. Ah….the smell of collodion fills the air. Sure it is not good for you but if you have ever been around it you will find that you just cant help wanting to catch a wiff on the breeze. A new batch of “Old Reliable” (see above) is in the process of settling out and should be ready in about a week.


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 28, 2008.

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