Complete – Darkroom

For the most part the darkroom is complete.  Finally a proper space to work and create.  There remain small things to take care of, to smooth the edges if you will, but the major work is over.  This weekend will find me in this new space working to reintroduce my inner child to the world again, it is time to play.

This afternoon I will be mixing up a batch of collodion to use in some wet-plate experiments sometime soon.  The activities this weekend will be mostly related to helping Jennifer (my wife) with a Liquid Light based project she is going to try which will be part of a group show in Richmond.  I will also take this time to make some dry-plate test of my own in preparation for a project that I have been thinking about since the past winter in Arlington.  It feels good to be on the edge of working again.

As I worked to put the darkroom together over the past few weeks I could not help but think I had to be one of only a few people in the country BUILDING a darkroom in this time of digital explosion and the offical “death” of film being reported from Japan.  I could not help but think of something I read not too long ago:

“When particular tools and materials disappear (because knowledge of how to make or use them is lost), artistic possibilities are lost as well.”

Art & Fear, Page 58, Paragraph #2


~ by Phil Nesmith on May 21, 2008.

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