Kendrick – Changelings

Well I knew that I was behind in many things, including my photography work, writing on this blog, sending emails to friends, and keeping up with the latest photographic news. The last point was confirmed this weekend as I thumbed through the March/April issue of View Camera. I had known that Robb Kendrick had published a new book of cowboy tintypes, but had no idea of a project that he is working on that is of great interest to me. In the March/April issue of View Camera is a small collection of Kendrick’s Changelings work, of which two images can be seen above. The work is 4×5 wet-plate tintypes of Mexican mummies.

For more information about this work take a look at this interview on the Unblinking Eye. Changelings is being offered in a limited edition book (100 only) by Cloverleaf Press. For $3500 you can score the book, a signed print, AND two original Kendrick tintypes! Hurry hurry hurry. I have contacted Cloverleaf for info on availability and have not heard back from them yet, so it may be too late so good luck.

Changelings is the start of a much larger project Kendrick says in his interview with Unblinking……I cant wait to see the rest of it!

Listen to Robb Kendrick on NPR here talking about his latest cowboy project Still.

** Images above by Robb Kendrick **

~ by Phil Nesmith on May 12, 2008.

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