The Flickr “Stigma”

I post images and information on Flickr, so what?  The truth is Flickr has been a great vector for getting paid and to build a base of people who are interested in what I do.  There is a stigma with Flickr in some circles, and I would be wrong if I said I had not felt its sting myself at times, but the bottom line is sites/communities like Flickr have a place for the serious photographer.  Finding that place is something still not fully discovered.  Like the emergence of film, handheld cameras, color photography, the Internet, digital photography, micro-stock, and every other advancement that has forced a change in the way photographers think and work, the functionality and popularity of resources like Flicker need to be explored and leveraged.

A great discussion on this topic was started on the blog of Rob Haggart.  Go check out this great exchange of information, and opinions! 


~ by Phil Nesmith on April 11, 2008.

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