We all die someday. Some think about that fact, and many hide from it…until there is no place to run. It is something that I think about, maybe too often at times. I am interested in how people view and respond to death, and how beliefs about and responses to it have changed throughout history.

The image above is a digitally modified x-ray film of a living person, to be specific the anterior region of their skull. Although this image is a portrait of a living person most who view it will think of death, or have a related reaction. The image of the skull has come to represent death and danger to many…..the cradle of who we are, and the foundation upon which our face is built. I find that something interesting to think about.

With this image I am taking the first step in the direction of my new project. Ah, hungry for details? Well…I am too. So far I am allowing my feelings to guide me in a direction and only time will tell if it will lead to something.


~ by Phil Nesmith on February 13, 2008.

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