Digital Pinhole

A week ago I taught a short workshop at the Washington School of Photography. The subject was digital pinhole. In reality most of the class was about the history of pinhole optics closing with the modification of digital SLRs to capture pinhole images. The class was small, but it seems that even though there was much more history than the students expected, we all had a great time.

We made a small camera obscura which was a great success. This led to one of the students saying with great amazement, “…and it is in COLOR!” as she looked at my illuminated hand being projecting into the cardboard box that had become our magic box. The camera obscura was one of a number of hands on demos that I had to share with the class. I had not taught a class since my Army days, and it felt good to see faces light up with surprise when exposed to new information. My plan is to become more active with teaching in the future. My next class at the Washington School of Photography is in April…..maybe I will see you there.

I am back to exploring graveyards again. My efforts have moved to areas around Richmond VA as that will be my new home very soon. After the digital pinhole class I was motivated to make some new images while out surveying American Civil War era graves. The image above is one of the images made while hand holding the camera close to a small waving flag over a grave. It is blurry, and murky, but in the end fun to capture an image with a combination of ancient (f125 pinhole) and modern technology (CCD sensor). My feeling is I am going to be using my pinhole body caps much more in the coming weeks as I continue to try to wake up from the creative coma that controlled me for the past few months.


~ by Phil Nesmith on February 8, 2008.

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