A map on the manager’s office wall of an abandoned foundry in middle Tennessee.

Are the push pins places that had been visited, or places to sometime go to……”someday” or “when I have more money”, or maybe when “things slow down”?

The perfect situation never comes, leaving many at the end of life wondering what happened. Pick a direction and go. The worse and best thing that will happen to you is that you will have to change directions!

My life has changed direction yet again and I will soon be calling Richmond Va home! I am looking forward to setting up a new darkroom and studio/workshop! Finally, since my relocation from Arizona a year ago, my eyes and mind are starting to come to life. With the My Baghdad still hanging at Irvine Contemporary, follow-on projects are starting to come to me. I am ready to get to work….Watch out Richmond!  I am emerging from my creative coma.

My Iraq show continues to draw viewers at Irvine Contemporary. The show is up till Feb 16, so if you are in or planning a trip to DC I hope you can find the time to take a look.

All sales questions, interview request, etc should be directed to the gallery.


~ by Phil Nesmith on February 7, 2008.

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