The Washington Post called yesterday afternoon for a brief interview in regards to the Irvine Contemporary exhibit.  I am not sure how much with be used, or which of the three images that they requested will be run (if any), but if you are interested there should be something about the show in the January 10, 2008 Style section.

It was nice to have the chance to answer some questions about this exhibit, my work in general, and my history in regards to Iraq.  One thing that became clear while talking to the Post……I need to update my website

On the site, and my cards I bill myself as a ferrotype (tintype) artist which has not changed, but has expanded with my use of glass.  The issue is the fact that the Iraq project ended up being dry-plate images on glass and not metal, what I like to call a dry-plate (or sometimes “hybrid”) ambrotype.  The use of “dry-plate” in conjunction with “ferrortype” and “ambrotype” is important as it is a clear declaration that the images are not collodion based (wet-plate). The bottom line is finding what to call the work so that people understand what the objects are without having to go into the geek technical level which the non-photographer does not care about. 

I’m less worried about what to call my work than what to name what I am?  “Photographer” is too general for me, and so is “artist”.   I feel that people need to be able to develop an initial understanding of what you are, or what you do with little effort.  If at that point they want to know more they can dig.  This is my next area of effort, working out a more solid and defined framework of clear words and concepts to better support my work.  Any Wordsmiths out there?

~ by Phil Nesmith on January 8, 2008.

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