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New Works by Gallery Artists

Phil Nesmith
My Baghdad: Photographs

January 12 – February 17, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 12, 6-8PM

New Works by Gallery Artists

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to present Reunion, a group exhibition of new works by gallery artists to introduce the 2008 season. Artists include Teo González, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Lori Esposito, Melissa Ichiuji, Akemi Maegawa, Joseph McSpadden, Ryan Pierce, Izel Vargas, and Oliver Vernon. Opening reception: Saturday, January 12, 6-8PM.

The gallery will present a projection screening of Paul D. Miller’s New York is Now on Saturday, January 23, 4-6PM; the video will also be presented continuously throughout the exhibition on a flat panel monitor.

Ryan Pierce, Taiga Feast, 2007, acrylic on canvas (detail) Melissa Ichiuiji, Tutu Girl, 2007, fabric, nylon, hair, mixed materials Joseph McSpadden, Winterlick, 2007, oil and medium on canvas (detail)
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Film still from New York is Now, 2007, C-print Akemi Maegawa, Soldiers, 2007, toy soldiers, felt, stitching (detail) Oliver Vernon, Lift, 2007, ink and acrylic on linen (detail)

Phil Nesmith
My Baghdad: Photographs

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Phil Nesmith’s first solo exhibition, My Baghdad, a series of photographs shot in Baghdad and produced on glass plates using a dry plate collodion process. A set of editioned C-print enlargements from the glass plates will accompany the unique images in the exhibition. Opening reception with the artist, Saturday, January 12, 6-8PM.

Contemporary photographers have frequently recovered earlier photographic processes to reinterpret image making and familiar genres of photography. Chuck Close’s daguerreotype portraits, Sally Mann’s wet plate collodion images, and Adam Fuss’s combined daguerreotype and photogram images have become part of the visual language of photography today.

The wet plate collodion process in the history of photographic images is inextricably connected to American Civil War photographs and to the look and feel of these images in our cultural memory. Phil Nesmith has recovered this early process for representing and reinterpreting photographs taken in Baghdad during the current war in Iraq. His new series of images are at once haunting, personal, and reflect back on our cultural memory of images in wartime.

About the Artist
Phil Nesmith studied photography at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and now lives and works in Washington, DC. His portfolio of images from Iraq was selected for Camera Arts, Nov-Dec., 2007 (view in pdf).

Phil Nesmith, Baghdad Ghost (Wedding Dress), 2007,
dry plate collodion photograph on glass plate.
Phil Nesmith, Soldier, 2007, dry plate collodion
photograph on glass plate.

Forthcoming Exhibitions, 2008

Akemi Maegawa, Invisible, Inc.: sculptures and installation works | February

Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky): New film and sound art project | April

Dalek (James Marshall): New Work | May

Martin Irvine, Director
Lauren Gentile, Assistant Director
Thomas Powell, Gallery Manager
Lauren Saks, Gallery Assistant
1412 14th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 332-8767


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