T – 7 Days And Counting

Today the My Baghdad work was delivered to Irvine Contemporary after a late night arrival from the framer in Richmond Va. I am VERY happy to report that the crew at Main Art Art Supply and Framing in Richmond did a grand job with the framing of the plates. Unlike most framed art in which the frame provides a dedicated space for the work to live, the frames of the My Baghdad plates are PART of the work. The people at Main Art are artist as well and it shows in there presentation work and willingness to think out of the box. Although they are located 100 miles to the south, I can happily say that each mile driven was worth the finishing details that they added to the work delivered to the gallery. Much thanks goes out to Laura Garrett for being able to take my ideas of wanting the framing to be a part of the work as well as have connections to vintage ambrotype cases of the 1800’s and making it real.

No matter if you saw the selection of my small Iraq dry-plate tintypes at the H&F Fine Arts Gallery back in the summer, or have studied those same images on my website, you will not want to miss the show at Irvine Contemporary in Washington DC opening next week.

**Images above of Main Arts framing operation linked to from their site (see link above)**


~ by Phil Nesmith on January 6, 2008.

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