365 Days

A hand written letter from wet-plate master John Coffer arrived a few days ago.  How long has it been since you received a hand written letter?  I love getting John’s smoky letters, just like the image making process he employs, they seem to be from another time.  It is strange to think that our world for the most part has moved beyond the use of pencil and paper to communicate.

©2001 John Coffer

Coffer has been working on a project for all of 2007.  Informally called his Daily Tintype Series, John has made a small wet-plate tintype everyday of the year.  When his latest letter was written, he was waiting the rise of the sun on the next day, the last day of 2007 so he could make the last image.  I would have a hard time making a digital image a day, much less something as involved as a collodion image.

Although no official announcement has been made, John tells me that an exhibition of the 365 tintypes made during 2007 will be held at the Gerald Peters Gallery in New York City.  As of this writing the opening is to be on March 27 and running to April 25, 2008.   In addition to the years worth of small plates, John also reports that he expects a few massive 20×24 plates to be on display.  If you would like to see the work of a master living and working like those of the 1800’s (or as close as one can get today) then you should start making plans to visit NYC now.

~ by Phil Nesmith on January 4, 2008.

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