My activity here on the blog has slowed a bit which is related to other aspects of my life becoming more active. Work for the January 12th opening of the “My Iraq” exhibition continues with most of the plates in the process of being scanned, and a framer working on display ideas. The countdown has started.

The plates are being scanned by Chrome Imaging in Washington DC. Of special note is the fact that we are going to try to make large 36″ prints of two of the plates. These large prints will be included in the Exhibition at Irvine Contemporary. This week I will be viewing test strips and the scans to see how things are going. Once scanned, the plates will return here to the studio to be varnished. Once that is complete the plates will be packaged and driven to Richmond for display preparation.

After weeks of torturing myself over display details, even at one point giving into the idea of something “standard”, a great idea is being tried out. I do not want to give away details until the show (and if it works), but for the first time since working on this project I am excited about a display option. Much thanks goes to Laura Garrett who is the assistant manager at Main Art Framing in Richmond. She was willing to think outside the box with me to find a display option that fit the physical nature of the glass plates. I look forward to seeing the completed prototype!

I hope that you are making plans to come to the opening!


~ by Phil Nesmith on December 11, 2007.

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