Still Out Here

So if you are still checking in with this blog I would guess that you have been wondering what has happened with the posting.  Yeah, it would seem that I have dropped from the Earth.  The truth is, after what seemed like an endless period in the darkroom, shooting a Marathon for a client, and enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday…….I am tired.  Even so there is no time to rest.

Much of the heavy darkroom work for the January 12th show at Irvine Contemporary in DC is done much work remains.  Scanning for promotion products, statements, bios, and working out the best way to display glass images.  There is also the the challenge of making large (up to 35″) prints from two of the plates.  Lots going on here.

With so much going on, I have had to stay away from the blog for a bit.  Never fear!  I will be posting about the lead up to the Irvine show and share some other artist that I have found in the past few weeks.

Thanks for hanging on……just a bit more and I will post something new worth looking at.


~ by Phil Nesmith on November 29, 2007.

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