George Eastman

Because my fine art projects over the last two years (Arizona Graves and My Iraq) have been build around using photographic emulsion to make contemporary dry-plate tintypes and ambrotypes I wanted to learn more about the man who really launched dry-plate photography in America (if not the world). This man was George Eastman, and his impact on photography has touched us all.

I just finished reading Elizabeth Brayer’s biography of Eastman and over the past two months as I read through the life and accomplishments (as well as setbacks) between my extended darkroom sessions. I could not help but feel some connection with the young Eastman of the 1878 who at the time was cooking and experimenting with his own emulsion. So after making a nice 8×12 dry-plate today, I thought that I would take a break from the darkroom after many hours under the safelight over the past three days. With the Eastman biography still on my mind I thought that I would search YouTube for anything on Eastman. Too my surprise I found that the George Eastman House is posting there. You can check out their profile and videos here.


~ by Phil Nesmith on November 5, 2007.

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