Kitchen Table Voodoo

For those that may be following my Japan plate saga, I am sad to pass along that what I thought were initial victories have turned out to not be so.  At the current time I am at a loss in regards to what is the root cause of the problems.  Along with a few emails to others, and a letter to the John Coffer seeking assistance, I have nothing left to do but watch the days go by and ponder using black trophy plate for the project.  Needless to say the setbacks are frustrating, and adding to the stress level caused by a quickly approaching deadline.  Ah yes….but these are the joys of handcrafted images, and the reason the point-&-shoot is so popular.

So the one reason that wet-plate is often looked upon as something greater than dry-plate work, at least to a certain degree is the fact that all of the chemicals used in wet-plate must be created by the photographer, thus adding to the difficulty of the process.   Silver emulsion is still available commercially today for dry-plate work, but one could home brew their own if they wanted the extra challenge (and control once the process was mastered).  I have been sitting on this link for a while, but thought I would share it with anyone looking to make their own silver gelatin emulsion.  This information is from a workshop on emulsion making prepared and presented by Terry Holsinger in the winter of 2006.  Enjoy, and good luck!


~ by Phil Nesmith on October 1, 2007.

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