“One Big Self” (and prices)

Today’s post is to bring some older dry-plate work to your attention. Deborah Luster’s “One Big Self” project was born from the murder of her mother, and her resulting need for self healing. Working with 4×5” dry-plates she was able to capture some interesting portraits of criminals in Louisiana penitentiaries. Check ‘em out!

Here are the prices for her work:

The One Big Self images – 5×4 silver emulsion on aluminum – edition of 25
1-10: $1300
11-20: $1600
20-25: $2400

This may be of interest to any of you who happen to be collectors out there. Luster’s price list is pretty much on with the few other dry-plate artist that I have found with gallery representation. Currently my 4×5’s are made per order (which means you could get the only publicly released plate) and each edition is limited to 5 to 10 (ask for details)…….at $500.

I am moving to hand japanned steel plate which brings an additional level of craft to my product, and also greatly enhances the darker tones and details in the image. Of course this added level of effort and quality will add to prices, but only for plates above 4×5. Currently only 4×5 aluminum tintypes from the My Iraq series are available purchase.

If you are looking for something larger, then you will want to see the plates that are being made for the winter show in D.C. I am still not ready to pass along details, but keep checking back because you are gonna want to see them in person!


~ by Phil Nesmith on September 28, 2007.

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