And The Winners Are……

So here is the BIG news that I hinted at in my last post.  Two nights ago I was informed of my selection as one of the winners of the CameraArts ShowCase Edition contest!  CameraArts is a great international photographic art rag that is enjoying its 10th year of publication.  CameraArts teamed up with The Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado to hold a special contest, with the winners having work published in a special “ShowCase” edition of the publication. Work from my special Iraq dry-plate tintype series was submitted for review for the Documentary category.  This work was selected as the category winning material and select images from the series will be published in a four page portfolio in the ShowCase issue!  The winners of the other categories are Beth Lehman, Agnieszka Skrzypek (also the Grand Prize winner), William Monet, and Eric Baral.

The Look

The ShowCase edition of CameraArts will be available during November/December 2007 and will be a one-of-a-kind event featuring a great selection of photographic art from a wide selection of artist.  I am truly honored to have been selected as the Documentary category winner, and am extremely proud to have the opportunity to have my very personal Iraq images available to an international audience of photographic art lovers.  I hope that you will support CameraArts by seeking out this special edition of this publication.  For more information check out the CameraArts website.

The rest of the series can been viewed on my site.  If you happned upon this blog without coming from the link on the site, you can find it here.

~ by Phil Nesmith on September 20, 2007.

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