A Baker I Am Not


My posting to this blog has slowed down over the past few days as I have been working through some technical issues with the making of hand japanned plates for tintypes.  Last night with the help of wet plate photographer and teacher Dave Prifti (who I have written about before on this blog) the cause of the problem may have been discovered.  This afternoon will involve addition baking test to confirm.  If the problem has been solved I will be making a more detailed post about the problem that I faced in the hopes that it may help others if they what to make their own plates.

So to hold you over until then, I thought that I would share with you another photographer who has turned to wet plate photography to explore a new method of expression.  Ken Merfeld is a successful commercial photographer who is also creating some fine wet plate work.  Take some time and look through his work, you might find something interesting.


~ by Phil Nesmith on September 12, 2007.

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