Pulling Inward – The Collecting

All of my work has been collected from the last two shows that I was a part of in the DC area.  The chickens have come home to roost you could say.  It feels good to have the plates back, and to get to see them again in physical form.  Scans of both dry and wet-plate tintypes just are not the same as seeing the physical object.

The fall art season is about to start in DC, and I guess that I would be lying if I said it did not bother me that none of my work happens to be a part of it.  But, on a positive note, the past six months have been very good for me, much better than I would have ever dreamed of since I am new to the area.  Things were busy photography wise even before the moving truck was unpacked, and that is something that I did not expect.

Now, the calm after the storm as the season begins to change.  I am withdrawing, and pulling inward, collecting my creative energy to fire the furnace of my vision.  This new environment (DC area) shut down my eyes, and over the past few months as my work was being seen for the first time in DC, I have been afraid that I would never create again.  You see, I am very much influenced by my environment, like all people are (although they may not know it), and needless to say the move from Arizona to the DC area was more than just a “culture shock” for me.  But now, as everyone else in this town dances with the excitement of the new gallery season starting this week, I feel the ideas of new things building in me.

Fall, a time when many living things on our planet slow down and begin to prepare for the dark days of winter is often a time when I feel alive.  This past summer was spent exploring near and far from DC.  I went from Baltimore and Richmond, west to West Virginia and north to upstate NY, Amherst, Boston, and Philadelphia.  All these miles and hours of time searching for something to catch my eye, something to replace the amazing borderlands of Arizona, and until recently I felt the effort was failing.  Over time small things have started to come together in my mind, and the other day I caught myself thinking about how I could make an image to relay feelings about something that I had seen. Just like that it had returned, that “something” that drives my creation of images, and overnight the excitement returned.

So, what will I be working on? That is something that you will have to wait to see. I can say that I will be finishing work with my old Iraq material and will finally let it rest sometime this winter. Other than that, we all must wait (including myself) to see what will happen.

~ by Phil Nesmith on September 10, 2007.

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