Cooking Japan and Post Katrina Views

As of late I have been working in two directions, the first being collecting the final pieces of things to start my wet plate projects in northern Virginia. Secondly I am preparing for my last large dry plate project for a while. This second effort involves me using hand-japanned plates with dry plate emulsion for the first time. I have not used silver halide based gelatin emulsion on 1800’s type japanned plates so I do not know what to expect in terms of the emulsion adhesion to the surface. Because of this I have been gearing up to conduct some test before I start up the large-scale plate production. So far I have been cooking up batches of the base and topcoat japan formulas, and I have to ask, is it bad that I like the way it smells? Testing starts soon!

By Andrew Richmond -

Tonight I ran across another wet-plate photographer who is new to me. He has been working with the process since 2005, and his name is Andrew Richmond. Andrew works in portraiture, and the odd Civil War reenactment from time to time, but what I feel is what everyone should see is his hurricane Katrina work. Above I have linked to one of Andrew’s images of post Katrina Gulfport, MS. Many photo projects were born from the destruction of Katrina, but for me the small collection of images captured by Richmond on collodion grab my attention like no other post Katrina images that have touched my eyes. Visit his Hurricane Katrina gallery to see the rest of these interesting images.


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 29, 2007.

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