Baghdad Ghost

Plate #1 of Baghdad Ghost has been sold. This plate can be viewed at H&F Fine Arts for a bit longer. The 4×5 plates that are on view at H&F are being offered in a very limited edition of five plates. For details on making a purchase please contact the gallery.

Baghdad Ghost is one of the images that has been with me since I clicked the shutter and captured it on a Baghdad street in the early months of 2004. The image is of a wedding dress that is being displayed on the sidewalk in front of a business. I cant say what is going on in Iraq now, but I can say at that time that many people were trying to move on with their lives.

Most people in America never really think that during a time of armed conflict that people are still falling in love, getting married, having kids, and continue to dream. A visitor to the H&F opening asked me what this image meant to me, and I said that at the time that I made it, I felt that it was a sign of hope. I was then asked if that feeling had changed….as of today I have yet to really come to terms with what I feel about it now.

I have not been creating any new work for a good number of weeks now. Recently I have been working to gather materials for a large production run for a show this winter, but this means that the creation of new work will continue to be pushed back.

For those of you who may be fans of my Arizona grave work, you may like to know that I have been exploring many graves yards from Richmond Va, to the coal country of West Virginia, to upstate New York. I have yet to really work at making decent images on these trips as the effort has been more about getting used to my new environment, but there may be some new grave work coming in the future. I am slowly collecting snapshots and notes from places of interest that may yield exciting new image to add to the grave collection.


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 26, 2007.

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